1973 Ford Maverick Grabber / Mercury Comet GT

The Federal Government stepped into the picture in 1973. To meet new Federal standards for crashworthiness, both Maverick and Comet were given larger front bumpers for 1973. The rear bumper would hang on for one more year, but it protruded farther and had "bumperettes" standard.

Although the Comet GT retained its hoodscoop, the Grabber lost its unique hood in 1973. The hood only lasted 2 years. It was "replaced" by the stock Maverick hood with a tape stripe across the front and trailing along the hood bulge.The spoiler was kept, but was in its final year.

The Grabber stripe was simplified, and the "Grabber" insignia redesigned. Grabbers were now "blacked out" with several different color options than black availible. The Grabber "stripes" were really two-tone paint with a body-color stripe running through the lower color. The Comet GT retained its black stripe, but the design was changed to "flow" along the cars body lines.

All Mavericks had 5-lug wheels in 1973. Mavericks offered an aluminum forged wheel option in 1973. For the first time, a Maverick owner could choose a wheel option other than hubcaps.



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No more "blackout" treatment in '73!
This stripe was used from 73-75
1973-only grabber fender insignia
New aluminum slotted racing wheel option
Note the new "wavy" Comet GT stripe
Note new "halo" vinyl roof option