Maverick / Comet Part Sources


So, you need some parts for your Maverick or Comet. There are several possibilities for you to pursue. I personally found most of my parts myself in junkyards or auto traders, but have used several reputable Maverick parts suppliers as well. Online auctions are a new way to obtain parts as well.

Email Chuck at the Maverick Connection

The most complete source for Maverick or Comet parts. Some have accused the Maverick Connection of being pricey, but they will have what you need. The first and biggest buyer & seller of Maverick parts. No web page, but you can email at

Jump to Craig's Maverick Corral!

Craig Selvey is the former president of the Maverick Comet Club International newsletter. Craig is always parting out Mavericks and Comets. His inventory changes, but visit his website for updates or just to see his personal Mavericks.

A great guy to contact if you need a part located, as well.

Jump to!

AutoKrafters has had a Maverick and Comet catalog availible for some time, and it has grown increasingly larger each year. The best (and sometimes only) source for weatherstripping, stripes and other items.

AutoKrafters also sells Mustang and other Ford parts, so you may have to wade through the site to find what you need.

Jump to ebay!

Ebay is a great place to find Maverick and Comet parts and literature. Search for Ford Maverick or Mercury Comet (be sure to search descriptions as well) to see what ebay has to offer you.

Graphic-Express has Ford Maverick Grabber and Mercury Comet GT stripes avalible, as well as many other Ford stripes. You can order the stripes online.



Of course, if you need a part and are having trouble, contact me. I am not a buyer-seller but will help you the best I can. I have "junkyarded" for others before and I will again. Contact me at

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