1977 Lincoln Versailles Rearend Swap - Removal



Trusty 8-inch

This is my 8-inch rear end. Except for a leaky axle seal, it had served me well. However, it needed two new drums and a complete brake job, so I decided to instead apply those dollars to a more durable 9-inch, and rear discs.

Diamond in the rough?
Do you smell gear lube?

This should give you a decent idea of what the Versailles rear, and 9-inches in general, should look like. Notice how the pinion housing drops below the axle housing on the 9-inch. This is the best way to tell an 8-inch and 9-inch apart. Notice on the right how the housing only has 3 horizontal webs (don't count the lower web, it is really just extra material for the pinion bolt). This is a standard case. All Versailles came with 2.50:1 ratio standard case rear "pumpkins." Traction-Lok was a seldom chosen option. Plan on buying a new rear case & gears for this rearend.

One ruined rotor
Leaky axle seals

The Versailles was just plain worn out. The previous ower said that it had over 200,000 miles on it, and I don't doubt it. The pads had recently been replaced, but the rotors were about half as wide as they were new. It needed both rotors, which are directional and different on each side. See Rotor Diagram. Both axle seals were leaking, but luckily the calipers were in good working order.

Note the toploader was out too!

It's out! I did the removal in my driveway (at night, no less,) with a floor jack and simple hand tools. Notice the pinion input shaft - won't work with a Maverick. Another reason to plan on changing the center "chunk" or "pumpkin."

Now- Here's the pictures to install this rear in a Maverick/Comet!