1977 Lincoln Versailles 9-inch - Removal




Tools required:
Hand Tools (wrenches, ratchet & socket sets)
Allen wrench set
Air Impact not required but makes the job much easier

1. Raise vehicle, place on jackstands. Place jackstands so that the rear suspension hangs free. Make sure emergency brake is off.
2. Remove rear wheels.
3. Remove driveshaft by unbolting flange at rearend pinion (4 bolts)
4. Remove rearend vent hose, located on driver's side, from the brake junction block.
5. Remove center brake hose from body.
Some or all of the following steps (6-12) may be omitted until later if you prefer to disassemble the rearend out of the vehicle.
6. Remove caliper assemblies from rotor by removing allen bolt, driving wedge out with hammer and chisel/screwdriver. Use screwdriver or prybar to open caliper, then pull up & off.
7. Remove brake lines from calipers, then remove emergency brake from calipers.
8. Slide rotors off axles.
9. Using impact wrench if available, remove caliper bracket from axle retainer (2 bolts)
10. Using impact wrench if available, remove 4 nuts from axle flange. Be ready with an oil drain pan to catch rearend fluid.
11. Pull axle out of rearend housing, may require hammer, prybar, or both.
12. Jack up opposite end of rearend slightly (do not raise car, just suspension), allowing excess fluid to drain out of open axle end. When most of the fluid has drained, lower jack.
13. Repeat 9 & 10 on other side.
14. Remove emergency brake cable bracket from leaf spring perch.
15. Using impact if availible, remove U-bolts (4) at the leaf springs. Slide U-bolts off the rearend, save them for later use.
16. Place floorjack under center chunk of rearend and raise above leafsprings. Move rearend using floorjack to one side of the car until axle clears the leafsprings.
17. Spin the rearend diagonally until it can be lowered to the ground.
18. After the rearend is out, the center chunk can be unbolted and taken out of the axle housing.
19. Save the wedges that are on the leafsprings of the old Versailles.
20. Save the emergency brake cables, as far towards the front as they can be salvaged.
21. If your car originally had front discs, save the junction block near the master cylinder. 4-wheel drum cars can reuse theirs.
22. If your car originally had front drums and still does, you can use the front spindle assemblies off the Versailles to convert to front discs as well.