1970 Ford Maverick Grabber

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The Maverick Grabber was introduced around Spring of 1970. My car was built in late April, 1970 and I've seen others built in March.

The Grabber package added $194 to the Mavericks 1970 base price of $1995.

As you can see at left, the Grabber package was not initially marketed as a "performance" package, but more of a trim package. This was because the 302 V8 was not an option yet. The "big" engine was the 250 ci six. This ad lists the 200 six as standard for the Grabber in 1970.

The Grabber was designated as trim "62A" in 1970 as were all other Mavericks that year. In 1971 the Grabber got its own trim designation "62D". There are still ways to tell if a Maverick is a true 1970 Grabber:

1. Grabber rear spoiler (endcaps and trunkcap)
2. Blacked out stock hood
3. Blacked out stock grille
4. Blacked out headlight doors
5. Blacked out taillight panel
      -blacked out all the way to the tip of the         ........spoiler- unlike 71-75 Grabbers that only ........blacked out the tailight panel
6. Black all-vinyl interior
7. Grabber stripes-non reflective
8. 14 inch wheels
9. Dual sport mirrors
10. Bright taillight trim-not black
11. Late 1970 build date (Feb or later)

Nobody is sure how many 1970 Grabbers were built, but Craig Selvey is compiling a registry.

April 1970 Life Magazine Ad
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