My Maverick - Initial Construction Pictures


As you have read, my Maverick has gone through quite a few changes. Here are some pictures from when I first built the car. I bought it when I was 15. The car had no engine or wheels. It had been converted to V8, and had the original C4 transmission. I built a 1987 Mustang HO motor for it, keeping the internals stock, porting the heads, and coating the non-machined parts with Glyptal. The engine was in great shape so I honed it and reused the original forged pistons. I added American Racing Wheels Torq Thrust "D"s and a 1968 Toploader 4-speed. The 4-wheel discs and air conditioning came later.


You can easily see the red Glyptal that coats the cast surfaces of the block. It seals the porous metal to prevent sludge, while promoting quick return to the oil pan.

Also note the porting on the exhaust ports in the above picture.


I used a Boss 302 windage tray to prevent the crankshaft from splashing in the oil.

Also note the lack of an equalizer bar boss on the left hand side of the picture. Pre-1982 engines had a threaded boss in this area for stickshift cars. '82 and up stickshifts used a cable instead of a linkage, so the boss was eliminated when the block was redesigned. This was a problem for me, and it will be addressed further down.


Porting on the intake ports. Stock rocker arms would be replaced with Crane Cobra 1.72:1 roller rocker arms later.


In it goes, I went flashy with the oil pan because I had to buy one anyway (the engine was rear sump). It is a Ford Motorsport unit.

Wide tires, eh?

/user/pivotmod.jpg /user/Zbar1.jpg

Ah, the clutch linkage. At left is the fabricated bracket for the equalizer bar boss. I have to thank my dad for that one. The picture at right is of a 66 Mustang bar and my fabricated Maverick bar. Shortening of the tube and moving the arms slightly is all that is necessary to make it work in a Maverick. it even is removable through the top withou removing the headers or raising the engine!