New additions to my website will be listed at the top of the page.


Bet you guys thought I was slacking, huh?
It's easy to see the new stuff, but it includes:
New front page design
New Tech page design
Addition of Archives
Addition of many tech articles
Addition of photo gallery
Addition of tech link page
Addition of exploded views
And more.
Introduced just prior the April 17, 2000

3-6-00: Added info about Alabama regional mini-meet. New format coming soon!!!

2-9-00: Changed the front page a little. Thinking about a totally new opening page..

1-29-00: Site index page created. Mouse-over descriptions in Contents on home page created.

1-27-00: Navigation bars introduced on main site pages.

1-26-00: New Maverick / Comet Year-To Year Changes Pages introduced.

1-23-00: Check out the links page, (move your mouse around a bit)

1-17-00: Tech page slightly redesigned, added links to Mark's Maverick Page.

1-13-00: Added some information to the Stallion Page, such as colors, etc

1-8-00: Added Lifeminders ad, please join (it is a mailing service, it is free and they don't sell your e-mail address) it keeps my site free and without big pop-ups.

1-8-00:  Added Guestbook, can be viewed / signed through table of contents.

1-7-00:  Revised front page, added table of contents, created What's New Page, created links page.

.prior to 1-7-00: added more pictures to Stallion page, created Part's sources page, and Mavi GT info.

Also prior to 1-7-00, my site is now SEARCHABLE! Just use the box on the main page.