Maverick/Comet Timeline – 1973

Front bumper gets bigger, rear bumper has different mounting.
All cars begin receiving 5 lug suspension.
170 6 cyl is dropped.
13″ wheels dropped.
Grabber Hood is dropped.
Grabber stripe changes.
Comet GT stripe changes.
LDO & Grabber-type (w/driving lights) Grille becomes standard.
Comet gets new “criss-cross” grille.
“Halo” vinyl roof introduced.
Aluminum forged 5-hole wheels become optional.
Door panels redesigned with “grab-handle” armrests.
New bucket seats offered in standard & reclining form
Comets get front & rear ashtrays standard.
Vent design changes to rectangular-type.
Headlight & wiper knob design changes.
12/15/72 Glove compartment replaces package tray
12/15/72 New evaporator core design for glove compartment.
302-8 horsepower drops to 138, compression down to 8.0:1
302-8 powered 1973 Maverick weighs 2855 lbs.
A total of 291,675 1973 Mavericks were produced.
A total of  84,691  1973 Comets were produced.

Horsepower was down and weight was up in 1973. Finally the Maverick and Comet got an aluminum wheel option, and the dash was redesigned with a glove compartment.


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