Maverick/Comet Timeline – 1974

Front bumper is bigger still, rear bumper follows suit.
Grabber spoiler is dropped.
Grabber stripe changes again.
Disc brakes become an option.
Radial tires become an option
AM/FM 4-speaker system becomes an option.
Tail light panel applique becomes optional. 
Dome light changed, now includes map lights.
Day/Night Rearview mirror availible.
Light Group becomes an option.
250-6 drops to 91 hp (from 98)
302-8 rises back to 140 hp (from 138)
Maverick breaks 3000 lb mark for the first time (4-dr)
302-8 powered 1974 2-dr Maverick weighed 2950 lbs.
A total of 301,048 Mavericks were produced in 1974.
A total of 125,695 Comets were prodced in 1974.

This big sales increase (mostly due to 4-door sales) was because of the fuel crisis. The increase prompted Ford to continue the Maverick/Comet line, which had been scheduled to be killed off at the end of the model year


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