Maverick/Comet Timeline – 1976

Maverick grille changes, now has central divider.
Front bumper has dual inlets in place of singular inlet.
Comet grille now “blacked-out,”
Grabber & Comet GT models discontinued, replaced by Maverick Stallion   and Comet’s “Sport Accent Group.”
Stallion model introduced for this year only. ($329)
Sport Accent Group introduced this year only.
Both packages included sport mirrors and styled steels wheels std.
Disc brakes become standard. (Power or Manual).
Foot-operated parking brake introduced.
Tape player becomes optional.
3/4 vinyl roof introduced.
Fuel warning light becomes optional.
A total of 139,687 1976 Mavericks were produced.
A total of  36,074  1976 Comets were produced.

With the introduction of the Cobra II in 1975, the Comet GT and Maverick Grabber are dropped. The cars are now billed as affordable family cars, so as not to compete with the Mustang II. 2-door production drops and 4-door production rises, and the Maverick and Comet are breathing their last breath


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