Maverick/Comet Timeline – 1975

Styled steel wheels become optional, standard on Grabber and Comet GT     (Magnum 500 type, except painted with trim rings)
Power brakes (disc only) become optional.
Speedometer changed to 85 miles per hour (down from 120).
“FORD” lettering added to the hood.
Electronic igniton replaces points.
Catylatic converter required with 200-6 only.
Fuel tank capacity rises from 16 to 19.2 gallons 10/75. (except CA).
200-6 drops to 75 hp.
302-8 drops to 129 hp.
302-8 powered 1975 2-dr Maverick weighed 2979 lbs.
4-door sales of both Maverick and Comet outnumber 2-door sales for the     first time ever.
A total of 162,572 1975 Mavericks were produced.
A total of  53,848  1975 Comets were produced.

Total Maverick/Comet production dropped 50% with the introduction of the Ford Granada and Mercury Monarch (based on the 4-dr Maverick chassis).
Many of the improvements in the 1975 Maverick/Comet line come from the Granada, such as power brakes and the 19 gallon fuel tank


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